Why so many Rotel RCD-1072 players for sale ?

Just wondering why there are a lot of the Rotel RCD-1072 players for sale? Are they a good unit? I was thinking of picking one of these up to try with my DK Design Ref MK II. since it would almost match the DK in silver. Has anybody tried this player with a DK? Thanks for you time and help.

I can't speak for the Rotel RCD-1072 but I can relate to what Davt is saying.

My first CD player was a Onkyo DX-130. A good machine for 1987 when I bought it. CD was CD in my mind. While I had a nice turntable with a Shure V15Vmr cartridge, I figured CD was as perfect as it was going to be. Why spend more. In the 1980s this was a true statement.

Then in 1996 the Onkyo broke. I went in to my local audio store that I bought all my stuff from and asked about getting the Onkyo repaired. Instead of sinking money into repairs, they told me CD was no longer just CD anymore, and maybe the money was better spent on a better CD player.

While I was sceptical, I decided to go with the new player because that dealer had never done me wrong in the past. The CD player was the hot off the presses at the time Rotel RCD-950. I was stunned at the improvement. So much so that I only kept the Rotel about a year, when I got an even better player. I was hooked...
Depends on what you mean by good. There could be 1000 reasons there are more than one for sale. I have sold a couple in the past, but still currently own one. Supply to the market is not necessarily based on lack or presence of problems with the unit.
It's cheap and entry level! First step then move on puts many on the market. Don't let it scare you.
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