Why so many used focals?

I look on the forums to read and learn about owners reactions about focals and compared to many brands there's little action which would make me think it's a small company... til I search on AG for used focal speakers and pages of used speakers come up! Are they the type of speakers that offer a clear upgrade path OR are they short term speakers that wow the listener early and fatigue in the long term?

I couldn't be in the same room with focal's from the 90's, but the recent speakers have been very pleasing to the ear in auditions. Experienced reply's would be appreciated and please no hating on the brand. Tks
I'm not sure why we're discussing Focal speakers of yesteryear that aren't really relevant anymore.  If you're actually interested in top notch performance, Focal starts with Kanta, moves up through Sopra and ends with Utopia.  And you'll be lucky to get more than 10-15% discount on any of those from a legit dealer.
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IMO, those older JM Labs/Focal speakers are still plenty relevant. Values and bargains are to be found to be sure. Newer is not always better.
Those models match well with solid state or tubed gear too.

Happy Listening!
Focal is a mass market loudspeaker builder thus many focals arround lots of discounting on focal products if buying a pair dont pay retail.
I bought those speakers three years ago, not today sir. For any speakers, not only focal speakers, you can make a deal with at least 20% especially in today high end market. Dealers don't like it, of course. A dealer in Virginia will accept any reasonable deal for many branches of speakers. Again, if you plan to buy speakers, think of at least 20% because speakers have greater margin than components.