Why so many used focals?

I look on the forums to read and learn about owners reactions about focals and compared to many brands there's little action which would make me think it's a small company... til I search on AG for used focal speakers and pages of used speakers come up! Are they the type of speakers that offer a clear upgrade path OR are they short term speakers that wow the listener early and fatigue in the long term?

I couldn't be in the same room with focal's from the 90's, but the recent speakers have been very pleasing to the ear in auditions. Experienced reply's would be appreciated and please no hating on the brand. Tks
I found the Kanta No. 2 bright and forward, on both Naim and McIntosh electronics, at my local dealer. 
I got 20% off my Kanta 2’s from a dealer NIB.  I sold them, but discounts can be had...IME.

Magico A3. The speaker for someone who wants a Magico but can’t afford it. They are selling a lot based on that. Not that they’re bad, just that they’re getting lucky people have that expectation bias going into a listening session with them.

Nice. Pretty much the Mercedes A class then.

It’s pretty interesting all the sniping at Focal speakers by Wilson and Magico fans. Guess that means that Focal speakers have finally made it to the top tier.

They're bright and forward. Unfortunately for them, it doesn't really pay dividends in detail. Focal and brands of their ilk lead to one place: another ride on the merri-go-round.
Prolly more ignorant than pretentious :)

It's just that the best speakers are not often available on the used market 'cuz people keep them.