Why so much love for Mcintosh?

Sick of the haters here ragging on Mcintosh equipment. I thought it was time to turn the tables and show some love for a company that most others only wish they had their success.
I’ve owned a few Macintosh amps in the past and own one of their latest now: MC611.
Starting with a pr of MC501 monos that I thought were nothing special I’ve heard sonic improvement through MC402,452 and currently MC611. All the improvements have been in the area of Fidelity and resolution. Something I felt the MC501 monos lack. I’ve owned countless amplifiers from almost every manufacturer of high End audio. Why do I love Mcintosh MC611 mono so much? They make listening to music a pleasure not a chore.
They give me everything I want and nothing more!
McIntosh has rekindled my love of music - I bought a McIntosh preamp to get an improved DAC and phono stage.  Frankly the impact had me upgrade everything.

And I'm in process of upgrading again and I'll be able to get significant amount of my money back through selling my equipment on eBay because McIntosh equipment is built to last as well as sounds good.

That is what it is all about finding what really about for many of us, the music.
Finally a thread about what's good about McIntosh, not the usual bashing as contained in the other thread circulating around here! I've owned lots of their pieces, but currently am using the MC7200 amp, which has no autoformers ( the last amp under Gordon Gow's legacy ) and the C15 preamp. I like it because of it's simplicity. ALL the Mac units I've ever used never broke down or had to be serviced, including my current stuff which is now quite old. At least this company has a longevity track record, which can't be said for most of the audio gear available today! And it sounds great to me, which is all that counts anyway.

bump,  I went with A C49 and pair of Mc611's about a month ago to drive a pair of Kef Blades I bought 2-3 years ago. The previous amp had 525 watts into 4 ohms and over 2k into 1 ohm, so stable and powerful enough I thought. What impresses me so much about the Mac gear is how dynamic everything sounds at low volumes. Contrast, soundstage, and pinpoint imaging all improved beyond any expectation because I never imagined how much audible difference a single watt could make.

My previous listening sessions would be in the mid 90's with +100db peaks and I still can, but I don't need to when I can get the music's full measure at idle. IDK if Mac pairs this well with all speaker brands, but I have no reason to shop further.