Why so much????

In response to a post appearing here yesterday a number of 'AGon-people' claimed to have CD and vinyl collections numbering in the hundreds and even thousands. Other posters questioned the need for so much music (impossible to listen to all of it!) while others spoke of a pissing contest among the 'overly endowed'.
Your thoughts are requested for the following questions:
1) How much is too much?
2) To those with so much...Why? What's your rationale?
3) Are you crazy?

Just curious. I'll give my thoughts later.
Too much is keeping music you don't, and won't ever like. Edesilva hit the nail on the head, sometimes you have to look quite awhile to find something to play that hits the spot. For example, I have a traveling cd case of 200 discs. Sometimes I can page through the whole thing and nothing really grabs me. So 200 definitely isn't enough. However, when I have the whole collection available (1000 cd's/records) I can always find something that works.

I enjoy the search for a great piece of music I haven't heard before. This past year I've been buying a lot of jazz, as previously I wasn't really into it. What a voyage! I can now imagine what it's like to hear the Beatles/Stones/Whoever for the first time, instead of for the 1000th time. All that great music that I ignored for so long. That ain't crazy.
1) How much is too much? --- I don't believe that there is a "too much".

2) To those with so much...Why? What's your rationale? ---I have many different moods and musical interests that are filled from listening. Classical is good in the morning or while working, and I listen to something different every day. Energetic jazz is nice in the afternoon, while quiet jazz works well at night. I like rock in the afternoon and early evening. Some evenings Diana Krall's Girl in the Other Room works well, but on other evenings I might want to listen to her Live in Paris CD. Pat Methany has some stuff that is inspiring to do work to, while some of his other cds is great before bed. Arvo Part's Stabat Mater is an excellent late night listen as well. I'm listening to Trinity Session (Cowboy Junkies) now - I may be in the mood for something completely different later and its nice to have a big choice. Some of Joni Mitchel's cds bring back memories of long lost loves. Santana, Moody Blues, King Crimson, and Pink Floyd bring back memories of my youth, and different cds relate to various points in time. I don't like some artists at certain times, but love them at other times. This is just touching on the "rationale" for having a lot of different cds and albums.

My point is that music adds to the fullness of my life, and enjoyment of many different kinds of music and variations on a theme expand that fullness. Besides, it's a fun hobby.

3) Are you crazy? --- No. (see above)

By the way, it's not a pissing contest, rather you should think of the sharing in this forum as a way to expand what you know about music and your choices. I've purchased some of the cds mentioned on several threads, and these have been outstanding and have become favorites.

Thanks for all of your responses. My answers are as follows:
1. I'll know I have too much when my Ellyn tells me. Hold on a second. Just so you know, Ellyn called me from Rio once to spend 45 minutes telling me what she had seen in the way of original vinyl copies of psych from the Tropicalia Movement. Turned out to be a good trip for me when she got back. I may have to be the one to tell her when too much is too much.

2. I've always found comfort and refuge in libraries. Why not build my own? Friends, neighbors and acquaintances who know of my PASSION happily contribute with no expectation of remuneration.

3. Crazy...maybe but I'd be crazier without my vinyl for my many moods.

I never liked the expression 'it's the economy stupid!' but for me it really is about the music!