Why the hate for mcintosh amps?

Why dont people,like mcintosh? Who motivates this?

so what are the alternatives??
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Somebody still loves McIntosh because pretty much every unit is at least an 8-week wait or more for delivery. Seems they can't make enough fast enough right now.
Sorry to say: but I don’t like McIntosh : I mis the “feelings” of natural sound.
25 y.ago I did like it: what they changed in that decennia, I don’t know:maybe , it isn’t  completely handmade anymore , other engineers … a lot of people  using the same kind of speakers: B&W , Wilson, S.Faber……no, not my stuff.  I prefer VAC, Ear, Wavac…
Wow!   Too many strange options.  Never knew so many hate McIntosh?  I think most think Mac owners are a bunch of snobbish pricks.  Some probably are but most are just fans like myself.  Not for all but for this older audiophile, they are still the pinnacle of sound to me.  
There is a high-fi dealer that has been trying to sell a new McIntosh C-53 pre-amp for months on Audiogon .  When I asked him why his customer traded in this new model so quickly, he replied that people buy Masc for the blue meters but performance in not always that great.  I duuno.  My firtst "audio level" Mac product was the very versatile MAS-6200 integrated amp. To my ears, it sounded fine, very fine. I now have a MA-6900 integrated and have been pleased with that also. The only difference in SQ is when i moved several times and my room acoustics changed. Now on the advice of an Absolute Sound reviewer, I'm look at the Benchmark amp and intend to use only the pre-amp side of the Mac.