Why the hate for mcintosh amps?

Why dont people,like mcintosh? Who motivates this?

so what are the alternatives??

Nevermind, I just did a quick google search. You appear to have a fine business, congratulations.

Your website lists that YOU ARE A DEALER for Steinway-Lyngdorf.
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Where is the OP?  Like the bratty kid at the end of the block who would stick his tongue out at you and then run for his life.  Weird

I wasn't trying to sell SL only making a comment. Yes I am a SL dealer and a SL client. SL is the only audio equipment I will ever own for the rest of my life but like I mentioned. When I post a comment specifically discussing SL and other AV products I would absolutely disclose I was a dealer. I was more speaking to you directly than the forum. I specifically asked SL if PE was involved in their company and the answer absolutely " NO " But I will double check ? Perhaps PE is involved with S&S ? Thanks for the heads up ....T