Why the hate for mcintosh amps?

Why dont people,like mcintosh? Who motivates this?

so what are the alternatives??
Roxy maybe I was actually auditioning a computer’s internal headphone jack?  By the time I tried to fix misspelling The forum locked my comment.  
I’ve enjoyed my system. Purchased a McIntosh Mac6700 and paired it with B&W 805 D3’s about 5 years ago, added a Rel S/5 SHO sub and never looked back. As a bonus, my Wife thinks the equipment is more attractive then my previous stuff.

I have the same B & W 805 D3 speakers powered by a Bryston amp/preamp setup. My Bryston gear would be in the same price range as your McIntosh components. 
I’m just curious if you feel the the subwoofer was necessary? I auditioned two subwoofers and felt they made the B & W 805s too bass heavy. I was finding myself turning off the sub for most music I listen too. In the end, I didn’t purchase a subwoofer. Do you find you have your subwoofer turned on for most of the music you listen to? I’m not saying you made a mistake buying the subwoofer. I’m just curious. 
The question is not the amount of bass it's the quality and timing of the bass. A lot of folks are finding out the difference. A sub on either side of the seated position and mains set in a good triangle about 1/3 further away than the subs, might change your mind. I use a setup that the front of the sub is an 15" passive and both sides are 12" HE actives. 6CF boxes.

The 2 passives are the first sub driver to hit my position. Some recordings are NOT phase correct, I just flip the 180 switch on one sometimes both.
It's still 6 drivers in 6 different directions into the room. Its a DBA in two boxes. Best idea I had in a while to tell the truth.. I tried it over the last week or so... A second 12" passive facing the wall? It would act like 8 drivers because it would be 8 drivers.. No need for 8 boxes though..
Just Distributed BASS, no array. Maybe radial bass array. or ARC BASS

I also use GRs servo subs turned sideways on either side of the seated position 4-6 12" OB HE drivers... (they are setting right now.)

It's how the room pressures and the timing. If you decouple your mains and subs. AND add as much room treatment as you can stand.. That is 50% of the sound anyway.

I like a ported room to. Some people like a sealed or semi sealed room, that makes a ton of difference in EAR pressure. The heavier the bass the more I port the room... IF I want to listen for a while..

12-24 Helmholtz tuning tubes should smooth out the rest. Where is Master M? Room first, tubes last... :-)

I'm going to buy one more Mac. Tube C1100 all tricked out. My ears are going to need that tone control soon enough.. 

I don't care who hates Mac... More for me.. :-)