Why the hate for mcintosh amps?

Why dont people,like mcintosh? Who motivates this?

so what are the alternatives??
Mcintosh is like the Rolex of audio gear in the looks department. However in the realm of solid state, one guy on youtube compared a $5,000 Mcintosh amp to a Parasound amp that retailed for just under $1,300 and preferred the Parasound amp on every level. He plans on selling the Mac. I'm not saying everyone should agree but that's one person's take. I'm sure their tube gear is top notch but never heard it.

We shouldn’t take a post comparing a Parasound ampl to any McIntosh amp too seriously. I know my hearing is 99% perfect. The only reason I had my hearing checked is because I have chronic tinnitus. Tinnitus does not affect your hearing. 
My point being is that half of the population over forty years of age is hearing impaired to some degree. A person who is hearing impaired can’t hear the highs and lows like a person with good hearing can. It is just like many sound engineers are hearing impaired because they have been around bombastic sound most or all of their entire employed life. That accounts why so many recordings are recorded way too loud with the bass and treble ramped up. That also holds true for the person who master’s albums. If they can’t hear the bass, or if it doesn’t sound loud enough, crank up the levels!  
I’ve heard a lot of McIntosh amps in my life. I’ve also heard my share of Parasound  amps. I’m fortunate to have a friend who works at the largest high end audio retailer in our large city. They carry McIntosh, Bryston, Meridian, and less expensive audio equipment such as Arcam, Parasound, and Rotel; on and on. I must admit the Parasound amplifiers give great sound for the money. 
I would think that anyone who thinks that Parasound amplifiers are comparable or better than McIntosh amplifiers are one of the following: 1. Completely delusional
2. Have a hearing impairment and are in dire need of seeing an audiologist, stat! 
That’s my take on his post. Campaigner8

I was replying to a question about whether I need a sub with my B&W speakers. This was referenced to my earlier post in this thread about my pairing with my McIntosh amp.
I used to have MC352 and 2100 (tube inside )combo for several years back I am in China.  During the listening period,I have deep understand of the sound. 
The key points is slow speed sound, and fat bass,with these 2 points you can never hear the real feeling of live perference if you have the CD.
But some old guy might love it,their sound is relex in some way. if you are  not ask  accurate  music,and you can accept their bass,you will take it.
With  these 2 points,I do not like either of them. so I sell out and enter Audio research world,which is whole different sound with fast speed and 3D body is quite large,do not mention the passion of the sound.

Neither the MC352 nor the MC2100 have tubes in them. They're both solid state.