???Why The HUGE Discrepancy in Sensitivity Ratings???

I'm shortlisting speakers & have noticed a HUGE difference in the sensitivity ratings provided by manufacturers & what they actually measure.For example the Martin Logan Motion 35XT is specd at 92db.sens.@1 watt & yet actually measured at 87db!At least 4 different pair of speakers on my list are the same,specd at 90db or better @1 watt yet NONE measured better than 87db so what gives?
When I got my Clearwave Duet 6 monitors, I questioned the lowish sensitivity (85db) and was told by the designer that lots of speaker makers fudge the specs. He also told me that they are actually closer to 87db in a real room. At least he was honest and I've never regretted buying them.

Yes, it takes more volume to get things cooking but what a meal they serve up.

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If the sensitivity is measured in a room instead of an anechoic chamber, it will be 2-3db higher. Some manufacturers have been known to spec room sensitivity. Also, some specifications say 1 watt and others say 2.83v. If the speaker is 8 ohms, it doesn't matter, they are the same. They are not the same with a 4 ohm speaker. If the spec says 2.83v, that is 2 watts with a 4 ohm speaker, and the 1 watt spec will be 3db lower.