Why this forum deletes full threads ?

Can anyone explain why the administrators of this forum deleted the “users with hidden agendas? 


 Why include deleted posts in the daily email of “Top New Posts”? By include, I mean a title and link to the post. Click the link only to get the notice that it’s been deleted .

@nd1der Oh, perhaps as a tidy way of saying 'Don't create a minefield that 'we' have to sweep up after you."🤨

Posts that attack, obviously, ....All out rudeness....Suggestions on how one should do the physically improbable or impossible....and the like...

Civility is under attack 'elsewhere' in a more physical fashion, but it's so much easier to do with a keyboard and creates it's own form of damage....😔 

Be nice, play fare, do unto the other.... ;)

Respect, J

Why abbreviate Audiogon into the pretentious A’Gon? 🤢🤢🤢🤮  Takes nearly as much time to hit the keyboard 3 times for changes than straight typing it out. 

It’s a free forum that serves a business purpose

make up your mind perleeeez