Why would anyone want class AB amp when class A always sounds better ?

Cost ? Heat? Reliability?

Were not talking about saving the planet, we’ve already ****** that up. And covid will be judge and jury on us for for doing that.

We’re talking about the best sound here, please get your priorities right!

Cheers George

Why would anyone prefer a wife of fifty years, when a Russian model is cuter?

I can answer that one.
I think this will be a fair comparison:

Same system other than the amp. (Speakers are Sonus Faber Seraphino).

I have had a Pass Labs X-250.8 (class AB) for the last year or so.

A couple of moths ago I could try at home a pair of Pass labs XA-60.8 monoblocks. Same manufacturer and not very different price.

I thought that if the X250.8 delivers it’s first 16 watts in class A and it never leaves class A, then I was good to go, Pass class A all the time.

BUT BIAS (current, ampers) of class A in the XA-60.8 are 3 times higher than in X-250.8

Does it matter? Well, I sold my 250 and I couldn’t be happier now with the XA-60.8s

Better timbre, overtones, layers, soundstage …

Same brand, not very different price and for me it makes a hell of a difference.

I’m not trying to argue, just contribute to the community with my recent experience.

Since I speak my truth, I never question another persons truth.  I think that's foolish.  I merely attempt to understand the other person's truth.