Wide baffle speakers are better than narrow

I'm just putting out some facts here so no one gets further misguided.

Wide baffle speakers sound much better, more natural and bring the acoustics of the recording venue with them.

Narrow baffle speakers are not as good without significant room treatment.

I'm glad no one here disagrees.
In my jbl bibles it shows how to construct and brace 4x8 sheets of plywood beside the speakers for behind screen. I would imagine it has to do some with efficiency . And no in wall speakers  arent a go to. Unless you like the sound of plastic and drywall with zero placement adjustability.  
If baffle means the front width of the speaker, I recently came to a decision on the speaker I will get. It was between thin speakers,

Paradigm Persona 3F
Vivid Kaya 45

and a big fatty.

Yamaha NS 5000.

My search took me to the Magico A3 first and then the Paradigm Persona 3F. I liked the Persona better because the top end seemed better integrated, the Magico A3 was still very good. Both Persona’s top end drivers use the same material (Similar to Yamaha NS 1000 from the 1970’s).

When I heard the fatty Yamaha NS 5000 I liked the sound a bit better than the Persona. The Yamaha uses the same driver material for all 3 drivers, including the large bass driver. I figured I liked the NS 5000 speakers because of the same drivers but maybe it was because it was a fatty and the others were skinny.
Along with Onhwy66, I’d say it depends on speaker design.

Narrow/wide baffle is not always better one way or the other. From my limited experience, wider the baffle, the more easily distinguishable point source for frequencies above the wavelength of baffle length. Another way to say this is, the lower the frequency, the bigger the baffle can be without the brain being able to distinguish where the sound came from.

Wider baffle doesn’t equal better live sound - examples; MBL, Ohm-Walsh, Kii, LXmini, Gallo, etc. Musical instruments themselves radiate in more directions than toward the audience. Furthermore, venues add their own unique sound, none of which has to do with sound radiating directly from instruments.

Live music is typically captured by numerous mics spread throughout a venue, and in many cases directly from instruments. So that conglomeration of tracks gets mixed and mastered. If the sound was captured by a wall of microphones, then I might have reason to agree.

The theory that live music sounds better with wide baffle speakers seems questionable. I would agree that the larger the baffle, the more likely it is for the brain to distinguish where the sound came from - unless it happens to be the resonant frequency of the eardrum or room (or to a lesser degree an ordered harmonic Fs...n of that resonant room frequency).
I imagine using a bigger baffle puts forward the true image more as opposed to hearing the room youre in. I’ve never been in love with the narrow speakers . That being said i love the sound of L7 so much i have two sets . And L5 . But my current rig 4430 w a 2441 and a 2405 on top is girthy  and feel like my retirement speakers, they are very reference like. Nothing i see these days interests me.