Wide baffle speakers are better than narrow

I'm just putting out some facts here so no one gets further misguided.

Wide baffle speakers sound much better, more natural and bring the acoustics of the recording venue with them.

Narrow baffle speakers are not as good without significant room treatment.

I'm glad no one here disagrees.
I imagine using a bigger baffle puts forward the true image more as opposed to hearing the room youre in. I’ve never been in love with the narrow speakers . That being said i love the sound of L7 so much i have two sets . And L5 . But my current rig 4430 w a 2441 and a 2405 on top is girthy  and feel like my retirement speakers, they are very reference like. Nothing i see these days interests me. 

In your definition, how wide (In inches) is wide?

Lets say with a baffle at least  about 4x the width of the tweeter, including faceplate.
@erik_squires  - OK, so that means one pair of my speakers have a wide baffle and the other pair has a narrow baffle. Surprisingly, I don't really care either way......
Well I said "at least" but what I'm really thinking of are models mentioned above, which are probably wider.