Wide dispersion + high efficiency + detail + coherence in a speaker?

And coherence is the biggest point! I like the liveliness of single driver speakers but I am looking for something with coherence AND bass! High efficiency is important for liveliness, and wide dispersion for a huge sweet spot and instruments in the room presentation.

Any recommendations?

@zuio , several of your assumptions are patently false. High efficiency is only important for liveliness if you have a pea watt amplifier. Wide dispersion does not give you a wider sweat spot. It gives you much more room interaction which is never a good thing. To narrow is not good either. You want controlled dispersion like you get with horns and planar dipoles. As for coherence there is only one type of loudspeaker that specializes in coherence and that is the full range, one way electrostatic loudspeaker.   

you didn't specify efficiency but the Spendor D series are the best all around speakers I have heard for my system and ears.

Impeccably coherent, real 90 db efficiency that sounds lively and fast and near horn like without the downsides and deep sub bass territory because of the long tuned flared bottom firing port that sounds akin to a transmission line design 

5 year old thread but still relevant.  I'm also interested in trying high efficiency speakers, maybe the Classic Audio smaller speakers, or maybe the T3.4 or T7. Also interested in the Reference 3A Reflector.  I don't think it is possible to listen to these in Colorado, so I'll probably have to do a road trip at some point.