Wife/girlfriend or audio: if you had to chose?

Say your wife or girlfriend (no kid involved) asked you to drop your passion for audio, sell your system and settle for a Bose Wave box - because she thinks that your hobby is a barely grown-up kid toy story that needs to stop (either invasive or expensive or just ridiculous to her friends and family).
What do you do? keep wife/girlfriend or your gear?
Just respond: Audio or Wife and in brackets years of relationship...

Audio (21)!
Well Beheme, thats one way to look at it....I guess!

There is the other side of the wife and kids leaving you when your down. I am most sure I got lucky and waited for one of the good girls with a great past history, but there are many woman who do trash on their men...I have known a few.

That still said, anything material leaves one empty in the end. Its happened to me many times and friends and family are the only way. Thats only my opinion however for what its worth!!

Happy listening however guys, as I go do some playing in my theater as soon as this NFL game is over...
Elizabeth, any way you slice it, you're definitely my kind of woman? Do you cook, because I may be thinking of upgrading...? Send some pics of your gear and maybe we can discuss it...
Sounds like she does not understand how audio evokes a passion in you. It will only get worse. Dump her and find someone that can understand your passions. - Unless shes a supermodel and supporting you that is.
Freemand: I am only kidding and this thread was meant to have some fun. Of course you are right but at the same time, most of us on Agon have a very intimate relationship with music (not with tubes, it hurts)and it does provide many emotions.