Wife wants a black faced receiver to replace Rotel

This is nuts...but SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) does not like the look of my Rotel 1056 receiver (driving 3 B&W LCR6 and 2-B&W in-ceiling surrounds, and feeding 2-Velodyne SPL 10s).

Everything was fine until I brought home the Sony KDL52XBR4 LCD tv and a black stand to put it on. Coupled with the black Directv HD DVR and black DVD player, I'm screwed...the Rotel sticks out like a sore thumb...

So, any recommendations for a comparable or better receiver for similar (or slightly higher) money? I love my Rotel...

Thanks for your help
Onkyo does everything right in this particular product space, in my opinion, *and* you can get black or silver, your choice.
No sure how far you wanna go but you could remove it and find a company to anodize it black for you.

I've had the same prob with my Musical Fidelity A308CR preamp. Wanted it in black and just made one at work and had it anodized black.

Have to admit though that if you don't have a buddy who can do that for you it might get expensive, might as well buy one from Rotel.

rotel makes a black faceplate for the 1056 so i would just contact them and purchase one. alternately, i saw a black 1056 listed here on the 'gon. you could buy it and sell yours. the black one is not mine btw. i'm more of a denon man myself.
Thanks Kgturner. I sent an email to Rotel USA about buying a black faceplate.

Imin2u: See, I don't mind that my wife wants the faceplate to match the rest of the system. I don't need to "stand up" to her. I have a race car, truck, trailer, a garage with a lift in it and a ton of tools I don't need, a new TV, etc. It's called compromise. We have good jobs and each contribute to the relationship. She wants it black, she'll get it black. I have no problem with that.

I was just bummed that I might lose my Rotel. It is nuts that I get to worry about that, but that's life. I wasn't complaining, per se, just looking for alternatives and I found them from many of the members here. Who knows, I might end up with seperates b/c of this. I can live with that... :-)