Wife wants a black faced receiver to replace Rotel

This is nuts...but SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) does not like the look of my Rotel 1056 receiver (driving 3 B&W LCR6 and 2-B&W in-ceiling surrounds, and feeding 2-Velodyne SPL 10s).

Everything was fine until I brought home the Sony KDL52XBR4 LCD tv and a black stand to put it on. Coupled with the black Directv HD DVR and black DVD player, I'm screwed...the Rotel sticks out like a sore thumb...

So, any recommendations for a comparable or better receiver for similar (or slightly higher) money? I love my Rotel...

Thanks for your help

rotel makes a black faceplate for the 1056 so i would just contact them and purchase one. alternately, i saw a black 1056 listed here on the 'gon. you could buy it and sell yours. the black one is not mine btw. i'm more of a denon man myself.
Thanks Kgturner. I sent an email to Rotel USA about buying a black faceplate.

Imin2u: See, I don't mind that my wife wants the faceplate to match the rest of the system. I don't need to "stand up" to her. I have a race car, truck, trailer, a garage with a lift in it and a ton of tools I don't need, a new TV, etc. It's called compromise. We have good jobs and each contribute to the relationship. She wants it black, she'll get it black. I have no problem with that.

I was just bummed that I might lose my Rotel. It is nuts that I get to worry about that, but that's life. I wasn't complaining, per se, just looking for alternatives and I found them from many of the members here. Who knows, I might end up with seperates b/c of this. I can live with that... :-)


Crazy idea; go to Tap Plastics or a high end art store and look into a cover material that will please your wife. Even if you try this---and it does not work--perhaps she will 'get over it'

Really, there are some outstanding products that can work.
Rotel did return my email. Faceplate is exceptionally inexpensive (<$60). Problem solved. Thanks!
Someone mentioned how they alternate between silver and black. The car companies do that between curved and angular bodies to make cars look old after a few years.

I would get a well ventilated cabinet for the electronics,and make sure it fits the decor of the room.