WiFi extension for streaming

I'm looking into streaming. Would a WiFi extension affect the sound quality of a really good streamer. Ultimately would the Lumin x1 with the adaptors for fiber- optic wiring work hardwired to a WiFi extender.


Another vote for mesh network extenders. And even better, a long hard wire run from your modem starlight into streamer, if that’s possible. If you are thinking fiber, opt for that over wifi or mesh network extenders. Last thing you wanna do is plug your X1 into a power line ethernet extender 😳

I have heard some people say if your Wi-Fi network is being used by other people or your system is a long distance from your router you might be better off with a mesh system, but that’s all I got.  Best of luck. 

Google Mesh also allows you to prioritize your streaming device from the Google home app. Definitely a handy feature if you have other people competing for bandwidth.

I have 2 high end streaming systems in my home, one is hardwired and the other uses a WiFi extender. My streamers are a Grimm Audio MU1 and Aurender W20SE. My network uses a Netgear Mesh router and 2 extenders. The WiFi Mesh extender is hardwired to an Innous PhoenixNet and then my MU1 > Bricasti M1S2 DAC. The Aurender W20SE is hardwired through an Etherregen switch to the Mesh main router. The DAC is a Holo May KTE. Both systems sound great. I highly recommend a Mesh WiFi network system.