WiFi extension for streaming

I'm looking into streaming. Would a WiFi extension affect the sound quality of a really good streamer. Ultimately would the Lumin x1 with the adaptors for fiber- optic wiring work hardwired to a WiFi extender.


I have heard some people say if your Wi-Fi network is being used by other people or your system is a long distance from your router you might be better off with a mesh system, but that’s all I got.  Best of luck. 

Google Mesh also allows you to prioritize your streaming device from the Google home app. Definitely a handy feature if you have other people competing for bandwidth.

I have 2 high end streaming systems in my home, one is hardwired and the other uses a WiFi extender. My streamers are a Grimm Audio MU1 and Aurender W20SE. My network uses a Netgear Mesh router and 2 extenders. The WiFi Mesh extender is hardwired to an Innous PhoenixNet and then my MU1 > Bricasti M1S2 DAC. The Aurender W20SE is hardwired through an Etherregen switch to the Mesh main router. The DAC is a Holo May KTE. Both systems sound great. I highly recommend a Mesh WiFi network system.