Wifi receiver transmitter kits

Does anyone have any experience with transmitter/receiver kits – the ones that are supposed to make  powered speaker wireless (Bluetooth and Wifi) and send the audio signal from a vintage receiver to powered speakers? Like 1Mii or Ymoo and such. Is this all snake oil? 
I'm aware of Wiim and some other more pricey solutions but was wondering if there's something else worth looking into.


Thank you, ellajeanelle! 

Looks interesting!

One of these transmitters would probably do.

But do I need one receiver per speaker (e.g. two for stereo) in the other room? And does this require and come with a proprietary app?
I wonder if for that price I would be better off with Wiim Mini.


raphaz You only need one transmitter and one receiver for 2 speakers as long as you have long enough cables to go from the receiver to each of the speakers. One for the left channel and one for the right and you can place the receiver somewhere in the middle. 

You may need adapter plugs to go from whatever type of output your source has (XLR, RCA, 1/4") to the transmitter, as well as whatever type of connections your speakers have to connect the receiver to the speaker's inputs.  Those are cheap!

As far as apps, there is no app.  They are independent units that communicate at 2.4 GHz from the transmitter to the receiver.  Similar to wirelessly connected microphones, guitars, etc.  

I don't have an opinion on Wiim Mini.  I've never messed with those, but I can tell you that there is no substitute for full size audio components if you are concerned with fidelity.  I like all my stuff wired!

I'm aware that there's still no adequate wireless solution that can compete with wired separates in sound quality. There are limits... but since I'm hooked to some of the convenience of streaming, my aim is to get at least a decent experience, without braking the bank. 
The mains will still be wired. 

I currently lean towards adding more Wiims or an Audioengine W3 kit. Hard to decide.

I just got a set of W3s for a third their retail price and want to give it a go. 

Now it’s about picking decent powered or active speakers. 
Any suggestions? 
I’m torn about getting a used pair of KEF LSX or LS50. Reviews about their stellar sound qualities, probably unbeatable in their size class, are intriguing, but reviews about software and connectivity issues are a turnoff given their hefty price tags. 
But maybe the latter matters less when connected to the W3. Not sure.

Any alternatives? I’ll use them as secondaries in a large space (so maybe studio monitors are not ideal, not sure about that either).