WiFi Streaming Versus An Ethernet Cable Connection

Hey All,

I have a fairly new Bryston BDP 3 streamer/renderer. I haven't been all that happy with the sound of streaming on Qobuz. However may local files on my SSD sound astonishing. The router I'm using is standard for 500 GB but it's nothing special. I'm currently connected to my BDP 3 with a utilitarian 7 cat ethernet cable. Instead of buying a better modem/router and audiophile ethernet cable, I'm considering Bryston's WiFi dongle. Anybody familiar with wireless HiFi streaming? Thanks!


You guys must all have golden ears lol. I can’t hear a difference. There is sometimes (often maybe) an advantage to not wire things together as noise can travel from one device to another. I once had the hum of a plasma tv bleed through my entire system. I switched to a projector in the end. 

Anyway I would think Wi-Fi would help stop noise bleed. Fiber optic would do the same. This is why I liked the old school macs with toslink out. Stopping the noise was more advantageous than the added jitter of the toslink vs USB. 

What you've got is already as good as you can get.  "Audiophile" network cable is for suckers.

To get Audiophile streaming you need an audiophile network.  Two switches each with good LPS and Ethernet cables.  A filter like ENO I will make things better.

Something like a Switch8 to an EtherRegen- using the Moat would be a place to start.



@james633 :

You guys must all have golden ears lol. I can’t hear a difference.

I am so sorry. I feel about you.

Abort the pursuit ASAP




Wow, this has really gone off the rails.


High quality streamers pretty much take the network out of the picture. A great streamer simply requires a trickle of bits and will cashe them and isolate you from your network. You can improve the performance of a mediocre streamer by improving your network. But, this is the hard way.

Go check out an Aurrender streamer… one that is equal / compatible with the rest of your components and the network becomes invisible… unless there is something truly wrong with your network… like it throttles to 2K throughput.

There are other great streamers. But screwing around with your network unless that is a labor of love is waste of time. 

My streamers provide sound quality equal to my great vinyl system through wall wart wifi extenders.