Will a quality USB cable make a difference....

Will a higher quality USB cable make a difference when being used between a storage device (bus-powered mobile drive) and a music server (w/o DAC), as opposed to those used between a source (iMac) and USB converter/DAC? Can anyone confirm an audible improvement?
I tried a us30 cable and a us150 USB cable. Sad to say, the difference is very very noticeable. The more pricey cable is fuller, more 3 dimensional and just more flesh out midrange.
I bought the us150 cable and couldn't go back.
Thanks for going the extra little bit to help our economy (or your ecomony, they all need help). That's all you did unless you forgot to mention it was a blind test and you picked the correct cable 19 or 20 times out of 20 attempts to make it statistically valid. Sighted tests don't mean diddly. Do a little research on how what your brain can and can't do with audio frequencies, especially after a second or so of hearing something.
I'm still very skeptical about getting a high dollar USB cable and the audible improvement it can make. I was looking at the Virtue Audio Nirvana USB cable or the Pangea USB-PC cable. I can't go over $50 to pay for USB cable even though the Pangea USB-AG USB cable looks like a lot of bang for the buck as well. Anyone try these cables or are thinking about getting them?
I have had differences. The music was just more clear with the better cable. But I used a cheap cable and then switched to a kimber, never really tried anything else. A good belkin or any cable with adequate gauge and good connectors should be fine. That is just what I think. I wouldn't think silver, copper etc would matter as long as it has good connectors and no packet loss.