Will an anti-jitter / upsampling device pass AC3?

I'm hoping the answer is "no" - let me explain.

I have a DVD player that doubles as my CD transport. It has two digital outs - one goes to my HT processor, the other one goes to my DAC.

Now, this all works well and fine, but when I'm watching a DVD, the Dolby Digital stream causes my DAC to generate all kinds of crazy noises. This wasn't a problem before, but I switched to a new preamp that has a good bit of cross-talk, so when you're watching a movie you can faintly hear the sound of the DAC freaking out in the background.

My question: if I re-sample / re-clock the signal using either an upsampler or an anti-jitter device like a Monarchy DIP, will it only pass PCM and pass nothing when it gets a Dolby Digital stream?

Hope that question makes sense.
You can often cure crosstalk by connecting the sources on alternating inputs (1-3-5 etc), and short circuiting the intervening inputs (2-4 etc). To make the short circuit I take the junk interconnects that often come with the components, snip them off a few inches from the plug, and solder the conductor and shield together.

It completely cured crosstalk on my integrated amp.
I run mine thru a Monarchy and it passes 5.1, 6.1, DTS (all variations) I hooked mine up before I understood that turning off DTS option would solve a problem I was having, I thought re-clocking it might help, well I got that problem fixed but it sounds great so I left it in the chain
and I use analog outs for music (multi disc player for everything).......Lexicon unit.
See, I was hoping it would *not* pass the 5.1 stream. Currently because of the crosstalk I have to turn the DAC off while watching movies since the 5.1 stream makes the DAC freak out.

Sean's tip is a good idea, I'll try moving the inputs around but I'm actually using all of them at the moment so I don't have a ton of flexibility there.