Will be satisfied with a Denon AVR 3805S

I am new to HT and want to take some time to do good research, but meanwhile we need something decent. We have B&W speakers ctr, R&L. There is a local Denon AVR 3805S unit available for $300 and I want to know if I am wasting my $, or if there is something better around this price range to get going.
I checked it out and If you don't care for HDMI connection...I'd say it's a steal! you're going to get plenty of power, you'll be able to bi amp speakers and you have outputs for external AMPS and you have Direct Pass through should you decide to add a stereo setup like a tube pre amp.

Personally I have the AVR 3300...Have had it for over 10 years. Very Happy With it, I've been using it for Stereo, and soon it'll be used in HT setup. It has great sound.

I say get it and don't look back, don't worry about HDMI, you have optical connection for sound Just connect your HDMI directly to TV.

Cheers :)
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