Will China become the poor man’s dealer for high end audio?

With the insane prices now being asked for audio equipment from manufacturers around the globe is china going to fill in the gap between the haves and have-nots.? We are already seeing some signs of this with manufacturers like Jays Audio and Denafrips offering product-performance prices below global market value. The only thing I see holding them back is they will always be one leg behind the rest of the world since they copy most of the technology they use and world wide acceptance.

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By its aggressive stance over everything, China is now proved to be an enemy of the rest of the world.  Buying their hi-fi product will assist them in realising the aggression.  We should have learned the lesson with Russia.


Let’s see. 

A high speed train out of Beijing, or an Amtrack out of Washington…

Sorry, we’re we discussing technology?

IAG. Vertically integrated. Well engineered. Winning with great products they are bringing new like to iconic English brands Mission, Wharfedale, Quad and Leak. They happen to be in China, but nothing about them fits the old perfections of Chinese goods. They have reversed long standing patterns as their latest top priced speakers are engineered and assembled in England with many components made in IAG’s own electronics factory in China.