Will China become the poor man’s dealer for high end audio?

With the insane prices now being asked for audio equipment from manufacturers around the globe is china going to fill in the gap between the haves and have-nots.? We are already seeing some signs of this with manufacturers like Jays Audio and Denafrips offering product-performance prices below global market value. The only thing I see holding them back is they will always be one leg behind the rest of the world since they copy most of the technology they use and world wide acceptance.


@mahgister I’m sorry, I can’t follow your English nor your reasoning that seems all over the place to the point that I can’t even understand what you’re saying.  I’d suggest we just keep politics out of this forum because it’s just not the place.  Let’s just stick to audio and do that.  To me, chapai22 crossed the line, which is why I responded.  I have absolutely no idea what you’re saying or what you mean and honestly I don’t care.  I’d just like this to get back to audio pure and simple, which is what this site is all about. 

Democrats and people from Detroit and Fauci create much more damage for the US than any Chinese or Russian. Do the math really.

Didn't take long for the mental midgets to come out of the woodwork.

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I think many people should be forced to show the film The Matrix! ... maybe then they will understand what TV has done to them ... Cunning guys with big money have painted a picture of the world for ordinary people (of course, in their own interests).

... "I was bitten by Mahgister" - now I want to tell the truth ... whether you like it or not - You can trust me!

Never in the entire foreseeable history (any sources except since 1993) has no "independent and sovereign country" existed de facto and de jure.
Even the name is translated as: near the edge ... (border area) of a large country.
I will say more - the capital of this "independent and sovereign country" - for many years (almost 400) was the capital of a country that invaded itself))).

Indeed, in 1917-1920, a group of businessmen wanted to create a separate country from this territory and appoint themselves as its owners ... they did not succeed and it all became the Soviet Union.
Until 1917 - there were numerous attempts to seize this territory by all the countries around (Poland, Hungary, Romania, Germany) - Russia defended itself and helped the border region protect itself from "good Europe" and only thanks to this did these people survive at all.
World War II - as part of the Soviet Union from this territory, 7 million people fought against Hitler (in his hands were all the resources of Europe that did not resist him).
1993 - violating all conceivable legal and moral laws - a group of swindlers in power dissolved the Soviet Union (it was a financial collusion with Western corporations trading in natural resources - TREASURE ... these people appropriated the people's property personally) ... Since that time, the country has de facto the status of a semi-colony ... A narrow stratum of people is immersed in luxury - the main population of the richest country lives in poverty.
Who watched the film "Django Unchained" - there was a black slave who was the manager of DiCaprio's house - but he hated other black slaves with a lower status ... Approximately the situation in the country that attacked the "sovereign" ... the elite treats its people in the same way as that manager - robs him ... this country decides little in this world (despite the fact that the country is nuclear) ...
Attacked? - yes and no ... since 2014, a "sovereign country" has been waging an open genocide on a national basis ... destroying everything from a common past ... massive crimes of extreme cruelty.
Who ordered this to be done? - for reference - almost all the teams of politicians who were at the helm of the "sovereign" - came to power through coups ... they are criminals and manipulators of public opinion.
The regime of a large country for 8 years pretended that nothing was happening and itself pushed the "independent" into Europe ... the interests of ordinary people were ignored. There was a massive brainwashing through the TV - deception.
The people could not stand it and a conflict began - many territories decided to officially return to a large country ... but the "sovereign" authorities declared them separatists and began to destroy ... As a result, a large country intervened - an invasion ...
But not everything is so simple - do you remember Django? - so the "manager" serves the master and hates people like him (the people) ... that's why everything that happens sometimes looks strange, not logical. Apparently there is a bargain (they are balancing - the pressure of the population and the order of the master) ...

How is it even possible that a small territory is in such conflict with the second army of the world ??? - very simple - WE provide it - OUR TAXES OFFICIALS SPEND ON THIS CONFLICT ... by order of the United States, 40 countries are pumping "independent" weapons with money and mercenaries ... And before that, for 30 years they spent money on the psychological treatment of the population of the "sovereign" - they grew a mutant.

If you think that this is in the interests of the ordinary population of the States - you are a naive person - all for the personal gain of bankers and corporate owners. But they lie to you - in order to conduct this adventure for your money.
They created an image of an enemy for you - supposedly Russia is a bad country and dangerous ... FALSE - I lived there (I lived in many places or was a tourist) - these are the kindest people on the planet with an amazing culture ... I can compare!

Someone will say their regime is dangerous... HOW? - a semi-colony country ... WHY? - they are the richest - they do not need extra territory and resources, they have people with a good education ...

But the aggressive forces in the West by all means prevent them from developing - in order to sell their goods to them.


Someone thinks that the grandfather, who every day falls on the stairs, hits the toilet and cannot find the door, really rules the country? his vice - laughs like a ship's horn ... This is some kind of comedy!


China? - it's just an economic competitor ... America is trying to interfere with them ... But audio - in my opinion it's better to buy here))).

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It already has, with mixed results. Chinese online dealers offer McIntosh MC275 clones for less than a third of the cost of the original. Many people love the sound and at a price much easier to afford. Then there are the number of $1k tube integrated amps built in the Line Magnetic facility. These have been met with mixed results with lots of people moving on from them. Same with the myriad of other amplifier clones.

Ali Express sells pretty much any type of speaker clone along with rack, stands and cable clones at fractional pricing.

And of course the DACs being built are extremely popular.

Like it or not it is here to stay and growing.

One thing to remember, made in China but designed by companies with solid histories and engineering capital is far different than turn-key China made products.