will different lengths affect sound

Just trying to gather some opinins on this. Will different lengths of the same speaker cable adversely affect the sound and timing of the source material?
Bill, Yeah, I remember Ocos advertising there would be no audible difference in using different lengths of their high efficiency speaker cables.

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Not only does Ocos advertise no audible difference using different lengths, they also state that with their cable, there is no difference between long versus short runs. I never tried a short run of their cable, but I use an 18' long run and have been very.

I have not met anyone with speaker cables longer than (20Hz to 20kHz) 1500 meters, let alone 150,000 meters.

Maxwell and Kelvin says, for simplicity sake, and I quote ..."the length of the wire is important when the signal includes frequency components with corresponding wavelengths comparable to or less than the length of the wire.".... (i.e. Transmission Line Analysis)

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