will different lengths affect sound

Just trying to gather some opinins on this. Will different lengths of the same speaker cable adversely affect the sound and timing of the source material?
"I have many times wanted to post extended discussion of my philosophy of testing and thoughts about blind testing"

I wish you would post your thoughts. This is the kind of info that is sorely needed. Someone who thinks!! A lot of us, are here to learn, although most of our systems are not sophisticated enough to be used to decide much of anything. BTW, your system is awesome!!

"Feel free to discount my observation"

I would never do that. To discount a personal observation is stupid. I am skeptical, but, I remember the time when I thought JBL made the best speakers in the world. :) We all learn and grow.
Rok2id, good thoughts. I'm pretty sure that someday I will present my thoughts/articles to the publisher.
It funny to read all those comments about the issue. Especially on A'gon. Come on its not a HomeCinema forum!

When I was picking speaker cables for my system, I also experiemented with different lenghts.. there was a PROFOUND difference between 4m biwire pair and 2.5m biwire pair (both cables Nordost Solar Winds, exeptional, but discontinued cable). With shorter cable I heard much more information, I was feeling like driving a stiff sports car (feeling the road, all the bumps and turns), while longer cable gave me the comfortable sedan-highway cruise-feeling. Interesting things happened with 8m Nordost Solar winds. This kind of lenght made very, very smooth high freq, more bloomy voices, etc.

Also there are differences in interconnection cables leghts. But I choose to practical side: if I need 1m cable between third and first hif rack floor, I looking at that kind of length and do not think about 0,5m or shorter, or how do they might sound...

I think I could pass blind test with speakers cable legths.. and pin pont which is connected 10/10, BECAUSE there is actually, easy to hear difference. And you do not need $100.000 rig. And forget physics and science here - you do not know some Xs, that is why the formula and outcome you think is right is actually wrong.

"With shorter cable I heard much more information"

Well, if the information has not been working out, eating right and staying in shape, it can't go the distance in the longer lengths. This not news. Even the newest newbie knows this.