Will high price HDMI cable makes a difference?

I need to purchase one and there seems to be quite a range of price from 19 to more than 100 dollars. Will the differnece be that great between 19 vs. 100?
Honestly, if you own a 1080P set, why are you so proud of buying cheap cables?
What have you compared the $5 ones too?
AVS Forum has debated and studied the issue to death. What rch is referring to, I believe, is the general consensus about HDMI cables. According to the legitimate videophiles (of which I am not one), HDMI cables are sending 0's and 1's. Therefore, you shouldn't see a distinction between the monoprice model and the super-pricey stuff.

People who have compared a wide range of HDMI cables have reached the same conclusion. As a result, the conventional wisdom seems to be...pay $5-10 for your HDMI cables, so long as they're 1.3 compliant and can pass a 1080P signal.

Rch, apologies if I'm misinterpreting/misstating your position.
My friend was using the stock HDMI cord that came with his satellite receiver. Image quality was poor. I suggested he upgrade his cable. He bought a $90 Monster Cable at Radio Shack (there was a cheaper Monster cable selling for around $30...this was middle of the line).

Picture quality *dramatically* improved. Night and day difference.