Will high price HDMI cable makes a difference?

I need to purchase one and there seems to be quite a range of price from 19 to more than 100 dollars. Will the differnece be that great between 19 vs. 100?
funny people argued the same thing on digital out cable from cd transport to dac

yes it does make a difference
Thedautch accurately reports that the general consensus on AVS Forum doesn't believe in high priced HDMI cables. The general consensus on that forum also thinks audiphiles are mistaken in their beliefs re: audio cables. Some of the most respected individuals on AVS Forums like "William" have noticed differences between video cables and have noted that some of the bettter, more expensive cables have less "sparklies". It should be noted that AVS Forums offers a regular link to a site that poo-poos most esoteric cables, both video and audio. I suspect that that link might be very influential on that forum.
I have to go with it makes a difference. There's plenty of people on AVS (the majority even) that will go on and on about how transports are all the same, cables sound the same, CD players sound the same, etc. In my experience, that's not even close to the truth.
The HDMI cable that came with my Panasonic DVD player went dead in less than a year. Other than that, the picture was excellent. As for the connection from my TV player (Sony HD) to the Direct TV box, I returned my $120 Monster HDMI cable after I compared it to a much cheaper Blue Jeans cable and saw absolutely no difference. That being said, since my HDMI cable for the DVD player went on the fritz, I've been playing DVDs through the component cable hookups. No difference except I like that less wires are involved with the HDMI cable.
Of course a "better" cable will probably make a difference - I have seen it as have countless others. The argument about cost boils down to a matter of degree and what you are willing to settle for. There is obviously no "right" answer here, just what is "right" for you. There definitely is a difference between a $5.00 cable and a $150. cable from a reputable mfg. - the question is what are you willing to pay for that difference? To argue there "is no difference" is either naive or foolish and only points out that some people are incapable maybe of "perceiving" a difference, not that there is none. Everyone's ears and eyes are different and we all look and listen for different things.

There are no "experts" in this - you are the expert for your gear. That's part of the beauty of a site like Agon where you can try different cables, etc.

Just my $.02