Will I Hear A Difference?

Currently I’m using an Orbit U-Turn Turntable with an Ortofon Super OM20 Cartridge/stylus that I’ve had for approx 3 years. First utilizing it’s OM5 that it shipped with, then upped to an Super OM10, then about a year ago upped to the Super OM 20…Playback is through a Ifi Zen Phono Preamp running to a Carver Crimson 275 and playing out through Magnepan.7’s …Generally it sounds pretty good.

Recently while at a local hifi dealer I got to play around with an EAT B Sharp Turntable equipped with an Ortofon Blue on the same set of .7 Maggi’s I have and it sounded great. I loved the tonearm and the build quality.

My question is will I hear a enough difference to warrant spending the money for the upgrade. Mind you, I’ve become quite the power user at this point playing vinyl for pretty much most of my listening, often more than several hours a day. 

The Orbit has served me well but at this point I feel I’m ready for the upgrade, I know i’ll feel the build quality difference, just not sure if I’ll hear a diffrence.

Anybody have any thoughts or experiences with the EAT B Sharp they could share?




Whining? Tarnishing? Are you serious?

I said I completely understand Steve’s backlog of orders. Is it tarnishing to expect an answer to an inquiry? I asked how much I should put down for a deposit and wanted to be added to the list. Crickets. 

I only related my experience with trying to contact Decware, and it is disappointing. Only facts, no embellishment.

You’ve forgotten that this isn’t my first rodeo and I’ve been at this at least as long as you have. 

I ordered a Decware Zen TORII MkIV last January 11th and just picked up my New upgraded Zen TORII MkV on November 20th and let me tell you it was worth the time spent waiting, this amp sounds so clear and uncluttered that I'm glad I waited for the newer upgraded amp.

Some things are just worth the wait and this new Decware amp is one of those things.

All you have to do is call between 10am and 3pm central time and talk to Sarah she will take your order and you will be on your way to tube bliss, by the way they are catching up on their orders faster now, so this would be a good time to order.

if you are near the Chicago area just PM me and we can arrange a listening session.

Have to agree with @Tablejockey, Ortofon Blue or Bronze, heck why not 2M Black Beethoven if you're going to spring for the EAT.

Cart alone will be a big jump, then you can layer in tonearm/turntable upgrade as your budget allows. 

Most assuredly. I went from a Project Debut Carbon to an Eat C Sharp with Cadenza Blue and an Eat Petit Glo phono pre. Just get a different weight---Oyaide makes an excellent carbon piped one.

A few things that may be worth a try before dumping the U-turn…

1. A record weight. If one is not already in use. Easy upgrade.

2. Perhaps try the Super OM 30 or 40 stylus. If memory serves, all of the Ortofon Super cartridges have the same engine. Easy upgrade.

3. If your Orbit has the mdf platter , it may be worth considering the upgrade to the heavier acrylic platter. Easy upgrade.