Will mother move your speakers at Thanksgiving?

Three days til she gets here for Thanksgiving. Three days and one minute until the inevitable question: "Why don't you push those speakers back against the wall instead of keeping them out in the middle of the floor where I can trip over those wires?"

What's your family hi-fi disfunction?
What I hear every year is, how come this is not the living room.
My Marine son is home, so I have to let the out of town inlaws sleep in the sound room. Everyone knows around here, nothing EVER on the speakers even finger prints are a no no. We will see how it go's. Parsifal Ovations are a pain to clean.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone BTW.
2007 Cotes Du Rhone is a good Thanksgiving recommendation. For a Rhone style from California I favor the 2007 Tablas Creek "Cotes de Tablas". Excellent!
Grimace - I'd draw an outline of a body between the speakers with chalk and spill some ketchup for blood effect. Then get some police tape and tape off the area where speakers and gear reside. If any one asks about the body which was there, just tell them "he touched my volume control, I and don't like anyone toughing my system."
Grimace...thanks for the laughs...I don't know what would be worse...a drink on top of a speaker or kids unhooking a speaker cable and playing jump rope??!! Yea, I thought things like that only happened in moveies? not with my family...almost 30 nieces and nephews?? WHAT THE??!! Since then I went from banana's to spades so the cable can't easily be unhooked, and also now my speakers are 67" tall and curved on top...HA! Take that you little bastards!! Happy Holidays everyone!!
People need to learn how to control their children.A good flogging every now and then helps!!!!!!!Happy Holidays to everyone.