will my itunes library on external HD play on the newer Mac music app?

more specifically, if I get the macbook air M2, will my itunes library on external HD be playable right off or will I have to do some time-consuming uploading of all my audio files into some new configuration? thanks for any thoughts!


iTunes library?

iTunes is an organizing/playing program. It owns nothing like a library does.

Jobs put one over on you.

I understand that itunes doesn't 'own' the library. when I connect my HD to my older itunes-containing mac, it shows up in the finder as 'itunes library'. my question is whether the newer macs, which no longer have itunes, will 'see' the library and I'll be able to play my files without having to do some major reconfiguring project.

II’ve seen no iOS programs that havn’t been backwards compatible. But I ain’t looking either.

Therefore the answer is probably.

Apple claims to be so simple that you just might figure it out.