will my itunes library on external HD play on the newer Mac music app?

more specifically, if I get the macbook air M2, will my itunes library on external HD be playable right off or will I have to do some time-consuming uploading of all my audio files into some new configuration? thanks for any thoughts!


oops. the link's about importing files (not what I want to do), but your "Open up the Music app, go to Preferences, then select Files. Add your external drive as a Music Media Folder location" is probably the answer to my question. thanks again.

Sorry about that link - must've copy / pasted the wrong URL.


Anyway, if you use a Time Machine backup or Migration Assistant to move your data from the old Mac to the new one, you might not have to mess with any settings at all.

I have moved my music files from one mac to another from OSX 10.1 to 12.1 i just copy them onver on a jump drive then load them on and import to MUSIC/ITunes

@grinnell: I don't want to import anything to the (hypothetical) newer mac - I just want my 'itunes library' (which is on a HDD) to show up in the 'music' app when I connect the HDD to the (hypothetical) new mac. I'm kind of hoping someone here's gone from a mac that has the 'itunes' app to one with the 'music' app, and, like me, has all their music on a HDD.

I suspect @yage is right that it won't be an issue, but it'd be nice to know in advance.

I asked on the apple user forum. apparently the answer is that the 'music' app should work fine with my 'iTunes Library.itl' file - but that if not, there are fixes. I'd still like to hear from people who've done it though.