Will people buy Snake Oil?

I have just formulated a new product that you apply around your ears in the form of a green gel.It improves the sound of any speaker by at least double.The only visible problem is it looks fairly strange and not many women are attracted too the look or smell.I don't guess this matters to much since most systems are listened to by one person at a time and about anything proclaimed to enhance the sound is acceptable.It's less than the price of rattlesnake meat and you get enough to last through space and drums 3 times.Now to the question.Will anyone buy it?
It really should smell nice so the women stay around. The people buying this will be sitting in a dimly lit room anyway so looking funny doesn't matter.

A nice touch would be to package the gel in its a battery operated container that warms the gel. This has the side benefit of enhancing the aromatic properties along with feeling nice.

For those people that do not have girl friends you could offer the jazzy "Glow in the Dark" vesion. The added light can help you find your remote on the floor after you drop it.

I will wait for the SE version to come out and then buy that, but it would have to be extremely expensive.
Is this the "Garter Snake" model? If so, I'll take a 55 Gal. drum. I don't care about the price except that it should be high so as to have high perceived value;>). Cheers. Craig