will pimaluna dialogue7 monos drive b&w matrix801

primaluna dialogue 7 mono amplifier powerful enough for b&w matrix 801s2
No! Your best match is Mark Levinson. Look for a used 23 or 23.5. If you can afford more the No.20 monoblocks are the best I have heard with 801 series 2 and 3, but you must match with Mark Levinson preamp to get the best sound.
Digital3 -

Last year I had the listening pleasure of auditioning a Conrad Johnson classic 66 amp w/ matching ET3 pre-amp on those B&W speakers.I must say, I did not expect that little power amp to totally control those big B&W floorstanders.

The cd player was a Primaluna.
It really depends on how you define adequate drive. Optimal power is a good way to put it I think. I have no suggestions sorry.