Will Sasha II work in a 11.5 x 26 ft room

My listening room is 11.6 x26 ft. Speakers are presently on short wall approximately 4ft into the room. I have seen some Wilson’s at an attractive price now that the next model has come out. My question is do you think they will over power the room or not. Room is suspended floor over crawl space and hard wood. Walls typical blue board and plaster. Never had a problem with bloated or excessive bass etc but would like to get any Wilson owners that are out there and their opinions.
Sasha's will work in that room, and I also suggest room treatment because you'll enjoy your system much better, especially if you like to listen a bit loud. Don't be afraid to add panels to the ceiling between the speakers and sitting area as well. Regardless of which speakers you're going to end up with (assuming you're putting out the kind of money on Sasha's), room treatment will only help in the end. My room is just over 13' wide and I'm using Sasha's. You might want to experiment bringing the speakers out more than 4' from the front wall (assuming you purchase them).
A room like that might work better with the speakers centered on the long wall. While he was marketing Cello speakers, Mark Levinson discovered that he could get excellent sound at shows where he was stuck with a long skinny room by playing the room sideways and using lots of broad band absorbers on the walls behind the speakers and behind the listener. That catches all the early reflections while leaving some room ambience that is delayed long enough to minimize tone and imaging interference. 
Yes: Room treatment is a possibility but never felt like the room was a problem, oriental on the floor and obviously furnishings. Golfnutz how far out are you thinking and how close are you sitting.  I am currently set up at about 8Ft between and about 10 back which could be adjusted somewhat for the sasha.