Will Sasha II work in a 11.5 x 26 ft room

My listening room is 11.6 x26 ft. Speakers are presently on short wall approximately 4ft into the room. I have seen some Wilson’s at an attractive price now that the next model has come out. My question is do you think they will over power the room or not. Room is suspended floor over crawl space and hard wood. Walls typical blue board and plaster. Never had a problem with bloated or excessive bass etc but would like to get any Wilson owners that are out there and their opinions.
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Yes, Sasha’s would be great! And another vote for room treatment. Can make all the difference regardless of speaker. It doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. These days, you can get really creative with aesthetics as well. Make it look really cool.

From the listening position, the speakers are toed in, front of speaker is 24", back of speaker is 14.5" to the closest distance to the side wall. The farthest distance to the front of the speaker is 35" from the side wall (inside front of speaker).
Using the 35" as point of reference for these measurements:
From front wall - 8’
From listening position - 108"
Tweeter to Tweeter - 104"
I had close to the same room dimensions and the Sashas worked extremely well there.
I had a room longer than yours by 15 ft with 16 ft ceilings and my Wilson Audio Duette 2's filled the room without any problems.