Will sun exposure damage my speakers?

I have a window next to one of my newly purchased JM Lab Electra 926s and since I like their look without the grill, I was wondering if I was hardening my cone surrounds or not. They are fiberglass "W" cones so I suppose they are ok but I don't know for sure. Has anyone looked into this before? Thanks! Arthur
Damn, just noticed this thread was posted 17 years ago. I wonder who resurrected this thread..

What about the sun on black lacquer finish like on JL audio fathom subs and revel ultima series speakers?

The sun could only potentially hit the back and sides of the speakers, the fronts have the grill and face into the room, and the sun comes from behind so the grilles and drivers are not in any direct sun.

i do cover with sheets, but I wonder how much UV gets right thru sheets?

(I remember reading that UV goes right thru T-shirts)

Anyonr know of a sheet or cover made to filter UV fully?