Will Wadio ever make an SACD player?

Curious if anyone has heard rumors, innuendos or other unsubstantiated gossip i can cling to.
Don't forget DAT. You're right, Sony does seem to specialize in failed formats. Not bad formats technically, but they don't know how to support it. I've read where they do it on purpose. They would rather have the pond to themselves and have it dry up, then share it. They figure their R&D can always find another pond. They may be correct, from a business standpoint, if not from the customers standpoint. They are pretty much a monopoly. Nobody dominates the hardware AND software ends of the market like Sony.
I don't think they're writing off huge losses. By owning the whole pond, they're cleaning up. Have no pity on Sony, only their consumers.
Wadia probably won't. They may never make another CD player.

Interesting to read all the naysayers' comments in light of the fact that there are more high-end companies releasing SACD-capable players in 2005 than ever before, and the SACD software catalog continues to grow.
All of the SACDs and DVD-As have been moved to the back of the store at Tower Records, in a separate room that houses the classical section. Many people still don't know what they are. Personally, I am only buying hybrids, until this works itself out. Since there appear to be little or no new recordings (versus old reissues) coming out in SACD, it doesn't appear that the industry is sold on the format. Plus, redbook players are improving greatly.
Rex, you hit the nail on the head and yet the naysayers continue on.

Sony has only stopped making the actual SACD discs, they will continue to release material on SACD.
SONY recently celebraed their 5th year anniversary of SACD and expressed their continuing interest in supporting and promoting this medium (see SA-CD website under NEWS). So jump on and offer your support.......they sound great!!