Will you hear the most beautiful music...

WITHOUT a system as you sink your teeth(you may not even NEED teeth-it’s butter soft already) into the most exquisite carnivore experience known to man?

I’ve had A3 rating and it’s akin to listening to a good room/system. I can’t imagine what just 1 bite of this amounts to. This is equivalent to having the most beautiful room/setup and a 1st press of your favorite LP?

The chef is like a musician playing an instrument. The final presentation just about put’s you holding those chopsticks dipping that $75 dollar bite w/fancy salt.

Bon Appetit!

I have to settle for a decent burger and fries.



25% of methane going into the atmosphere comes from cow burps/belches (rather than the more commonly held belief concerning bovine farts).

@curiousjim The Wagyu-equivalent pork:  it's the mangalica pork. The Spanish Serrano ham is made from mangalica.

The Mangalica breed originated from the bakonyi breed, which was a Hungarian breed that was exported to England up to the XVIIth century. The word "bacon" comes from this now exctinct breed of pork (bakonyi -> bacon). That tells us it was the real deal... ; )



"The Wagyu-equivalent pork:  it's the mangalica pork. The Spanish Serrano ham is made from mangalica."

realworldaudio brought up an interesting bit. Read the mention of how this quality meat has different fat characteristics compared to the regular junk we eat.

I wish I could find a link to the pigs I was referring to who eat acorns. They are another Spanish raised pig used exclusively for a cured prosciutto type, cured meat. Research shows the stuff isn't artery clogging as regular meat.

@tablejockey ​​​​@realworldaudio,

Thanks for the tip on Mangalica pigs.  I wonder what’s available here in the Midwest.


They’re Iberico pigs. Very expensive hams come  from those little fellas.