Wilson Alexia 2

Any suggestions for electronics for these speakers. Something that would do them justice but moderately priced.  Is McIntosh a good match or is there something better in that price range?  Ie: Spectral, ARC, Krell.  Looking for bang for the buck but not cheat the speaker either. 
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I agree with your perspective but interestingly it was Dave Wilson himself who intentionally demonstrated his Alexia driven by a receiver. Seems odd given the known load characteristics of this speaker. Who’d be more aware of this than the designer/builder himself? Perhaps this receiver was particularly robust. It seems Wilson was trying to make the point that amplification is not that important. This goes against my experiences, amplifier quality/capability most certainly matters.


I use Boulder electronics for my Alexia 2s. I’ve heard them on Spectral, ARC, and Luxman as well. Spectral was very bland and ARC lacked the engagement. The Boulder electronics really his the sweet spot. I love this setup. 
Boulder, D’Agostino and AR are all good with Alexia's and Wilson speakers in general.  
Krell is fine as well with Wilson’s. Buddy has these speakers with high powered krell amp. Sounds wonderful.