Wilson Alexia 2

Any suggestions for electronics for these speakers. Something that would do them justice but moderately priced.  Is McIntosh a good match or is there something better in that price range?  Ie: Spectral, ARC, Krell.  Looking for bang for the buck but not cheat the speaker either. 
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Paired my Wilson Alexia 2s with the new Krell i400… WOW!  Highs and midrange on another level, musical - smooth…. Bass is also very nuanced and deep.  Great fit for this speaker.  I came from a recapped FPB 300, and did a lot of listening between D’ago m400 and s250.  I400 was more musical and better bass. 

Wow that’s very helpful,  I’ve been considering this i400 myself. Haven’t heard it yet but plan to very soon. I had the Dag s250 in here but did blow me away enough to pull the trigger. Thank you for sharing. 

You could save a fortune and get a Hegel h590 for 6k. Will drive them perfectly. 

Someone posted on another thread that KRELL is releasing a trickle-down version of the i400 around June. I think the price was $13k.