Wilson Alexia 2

Any suggestions for electronics for these speakers. Something that would do them justice but moderately priced.  Is McIntosh a good match or is there something better in that price range?  Ie: Spectral, ARC, Krell.  Looking for bang for the buck but not cheat the speaker either. 
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Wow that’s very helpful,  I’ve been considering this i400 myself. Haven’t heard it yet but plan to very soon. I had the Dag s250 in here but did blow me away enough to pull the trigger. Thank you for sharing. 

You could save a fortune and get a Hegel h590 for 6k. Will drive them perfectly. 

Someone posted on another thread that KRELL is releasing a trickle-down version of the i400 around June. I think the price was $13k.

I'd go with Parasound JC1+ mono.  I'm in the camp that many of the 40K-70k power amps don't provide the level of benefit commensurate to their price.  I run Classe Delta Mono's with my Alexx V's with great result.  The spec's on this amp along with the Parasound don't get much better. I think you might "hear" differences between these amps and their higher priced brethren but not necessarily "better" just different.