Wilson Alexia 2

Any suggestions for electronics for these speakers. Something that would do them justice but moderately priced.  Is McIntosh a good match or is there something better in that price range?  Ie: Spectral, ARC, Krell.  Looking for bang for the buck but not cheat the speaker either. 
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I'd go with Parasound JC1+ mono.  I'm in the camp that many of the 40K-70k power amps don't provide the level of benefit commensurate to their price.  I run Classe Delta Mono's with my Alexx V's with great result.  The spec's on this amp along with the Parasound don't get much better. I think you might "hear" differences between these amps and their higher priced brethren but not necessarily "better" just different. 

I'm using my MSB Reference DAC as the pre which has an extra balanced input for my phono stage.  See my full system description.

No McIntosh.

These are good amps to choose: Krell FPB700CX / FPB750MCX, Pass Labs XA200.5/.8, Mark Levinson No.33