Wilson Alexia 2

Any suggestions for electronics for these speakers. Something that would do them justice but moderately priced.  Is McIntosh a good match or is there something better in that price range?  Ie: Spectral, ARC, Krell.  Looking for bang for the buck but not cheat the speaker either. 
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I'm currently powering my Alexia's with Conrad Johnson LP275M mono's fitted with KT120 power tubes. Those have the power and finesse to do the big Alexia's justice. From time to time, I  rotate them with my Bryston 24B-SST mono's. The low end grip they povide is quite astonishing, but for my overall taste I prefer the big CJ's. My old Levinson No. 23.5 does an admirable job as well, but I've become addicted to monoblocks over the years. Common to allo f these is my Aethetix Callisto Eclipse preamp. I really like the suggestions of those big Krell amps. I've had several Krell pieces over the years and find them to be first rate sonics and build wise.

@carey1110 For Alexx V i might also look at the KSA i800 Monoblocks. Thats 1.6kw/channel in 4ohm !!