Wilson Alexx V

The new Alexx V is to be released at the end of this month 3/29/21.  Any thoughts or predictions on how this one will compare to the current one.  I know no one will know for sure until it’s out.  They say it’s based off the XVX.  I believe this one may rival the XLF in a smaller package. New tweeter, midrange and increase in bass enclosure size and the new Xcaps.  More efficient?  Any thoughts?
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I think that is correct. My memory of the Alexx is that it is a superb speaker with excellent coherence. The new model is everything that I remember of the old model, plus a bit more extended at the frequency extremes. Unfortunately, the price has moved up considerably, making old stock Alexx a really nice deal at its current price. Not sure how Wilson justifies a price increase over the old model retail of $26K!
These new Alexx V's has all new Tweeters that no other Wilson Audio speakers has.. not even the XVX's !
Yes so I have heard. What are the differences between those and the older one besides the carbon fiber basket?