Wilson Alexx V

The new Alexx V is to be released at the end of this month 3/29/21.  Any thoughts or predictions on how this one will compare to the current one.  I know no one will know for sure until it’s out.  They say it’s based off the XVX.  I believe this one may rival the XLF in a smaller package. New tweeter, midrange and increase in bass enclosure size and the new Xcaps.  More efficient?  Any thoughts?
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The question is how much better is the Alexx V than the previous model. Sonically is it worth the difference?
@carey1110   Your question is one that everyone has to answer for themselves. If money is no issue, then yes, they are definitely worth the difference...:0)
Ok just spent some time A B ing the Alexx and the Alexx V and I will say, to me yes it’s worth the difference in price. Next to each other the differences were very obvious. The first thing that caught my attention in the Alexx V was the clarity without irritation.  The upper frequencies while quite extended were ultra smooth. No sibilants or irritants at all. The midrange presented with a complete lack of glare. I never even noticed any glare on the Alexx 1 till I heard the V. Bass seems much deeper and more articulate than the older model. The Alexx V seemed more relaxed and out of the way of the music. Crazy Dynamics. Not sure if this is because the V is more efficient or because it is an easier load to drive,  maybe both. Very pleasant experience.. However had I not had them side by side I could easily live with the original Alexx which is still and always will be a great speaker. However now that I know; the Alexx V with haunt me till I own it.