Are Wilsons the best? are they worth the money? Looking at used watt puppy 8 or Sophia 3. 
what are your thoughts on watt puppy 8's?
7's were my fav of all the watt/puppies, my friend had them all, thought they went backwards with the 8's when he got them, they lost their immediacy I thought.
And the Alexia's are in another world 

Cheers George 
I would add that I bought Sasha 2's new, but as a closeout at what I thought was a competitive price. I still do, but I'm still figuring them out, making changes to all my associated components. I read the reviews that said that Wilsons demand a level of support from other components in the chain, but I didn't understand that until I started listening to them in my own system. I was not that impressed when I first burned them in.  Then I gave them virtually unlimited power via Parasound JC1+s monoblocks and they came alive. The improvement in sound was more than I would have ever expected from an AMP swap. It was the interaction between the Wilson's and the power of the new AMP. I was feeding them before with a Niam NAP DR300, 90 watts, but known to drive down to 1 OHM. Great amp, but it wasn't enough power to control the Sasha 2s. Anyway, my point is that when you buy Wilsons you have to feed them what they want to get the performance you want. You need to budget and plan for it.  Good luck.